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Introduction to AMPERE

AMPERE (Association for Microwave Power in Europe for Research and Education) is a "European" non-profit association devoted to the promotion of microwave and radio frequency heating techniques for research and industrial applications.

Despite the fact that AMPERE is a European association, it has a world-wide membership domain which comprises industrialists, academics and consultants.

The interests of the Association are very wide and encompass academia, commerce, domestic as well as industrial applications. Research and technology transfer plays an important role in the association's activity, making the co-operation between industry and academic institutions a fundamental objective of the association.

AMPERE association was established in September 1993, when its formation was announced at the International Conference on Microwave and High Frequency Heating in Gothenburg, Sweden. To be recognized throughout the EU and beyond, from 22 January 2003 the existing AMPERE Association became a non-profit Company registered at Company House in London, bearing the name AMPERE EUROPE LIMITED and the existing Association was dissolved.

At an Extraordinary General Meeting on August 6th 2008 at the 1st Global Congress On Microwave Energy Applications held in Japan it was decided to strike AMPERE off the Register of The Companies House in UK and re-open AMPERE Europe under a simplified law. At a meeting of the Directors at Karlsruhe on September 23, 2008 it was decided to define AMPERE as an association in France and this was effected on 10 December 2008.

The new AMPERE is once again a non-profit organization, and has to abide by the following Statutes (French version) (English version). At the Karlsruhe meeting the Directors present signed as founding members of the new AMPERE. A thorough discussion on the statutes as well as elections took place at the General Assembly which was held in Karlsruhe during the 12th International Conference on Microwave and High Frequency Heating.

AMPERE, together with other national microwave associations established in August 2006 MAJIC the International Federation of Associations in the Field of Microwave and RF Power Engineering. These associations are: Microwave Working Group (MWG, USA), Association for Microwave Power in Europe for Research and Education (AMPERE, Europe), Japan Society of Electromagnetic Wave Energy Applications (JEMEA, Japan), International Microwave Power Institute (IMPI, USA), Chinese Microwave Society.

AMPERE Activities

The activities endorsed by AMPERE include biennial conferences, contribution to global congresses, workshops, technical committees, periodical publications, specialist conferences and meetings and educational programmes.


The main conference organised on behalf of AMPERE is known as the "International Conference on Microwave and High Frequency Heating" and is held biennially. There have been 14 such conferences in Europe:
Cambridge-UK (1986), Arnhem-NL (1989), Nice-F (1991), Gothenburg-S (1993), Cambridge-UK (1995), Fermo-I (1997), Valencia-E (1999), Bayreuth-D (2001), Loughborough-UK (2003), Modena-I (2005), Oradea-ROM (2007), Karlsruhe-D (2009), Toulouse-F (2011), Nottingham-UK (2013), and Krakow-PL (2015).

Additionally, three Microwaves in Chemistry meetings have been sponsored by AMPERE. The first was held in Prague-CZ (1998), then it followed Antibes-F (2000), and Brno-CZ (2006).

AMPERE has also endorsed the World Congresses held in Florida-USA (1997) and (2000), Sydney-AUS (2002), Austin-USA (2004), Otsu-Japan (2008) and Long Beach, CA-USA (2012), and Cartagena-SPAIN (2016)..

The Newsletter

The AMPERE Newsletter appears quarterly and covers short topical articles written by experts in the field. Typically it also includes a profile, conference reports, advertisements, a calendar of events and news items on various aspects of radio frequency and microwave energy usage in the ISM frequency band, covering topics broadly from 1 MHz to 30 GHz, although higher frequencies have also been covered. It also highlights on promising new research developments to emanate from academe and industry.

Currently, the AMPERE Newsletter is edited by Prof. Eli Jerby. Short articles for inclusion in the Newsletter are very welcome and prospective authors should contact the editor in the first instance.


Managment Committee

Honorary President:A.C. Metaxas
President: Cristina Leonelli
General Secretary: Juan Monzò-Cabrera
Treasurer: Koen Van Reusel
AMPERE Website: Cristina Leonelli
Newsletter editor: Eli Jerby
Organization of 3GCMEA: Juan Monzò-Cabrera
Chair of next AMPERE Meeting: Andrzej Stankiewicz
Chair of past AMPERE Meeting: Dariusz Bogdal
Member delegate for the UIE: Koen Van Reusel
Member delegate for the IEEE: Jun Wu Tao
Member delegate for the MAJIC Confederation: Elias de los Reyes-Davò
Member delegate for the JMPEE: Josè Manuel Català-Civera
Members liaising with other societies: Paolo Veronesi, George Dimitrakis, and Bala Vaidhyanathan
Members responsible for Industrial matters: Marilena Radoiu and Marco Garuti
Members responsible for the congress organization: Brigitta Raaholt, George Stefanidis, Guido Strum
Member delegate for Summer School: Gary Bond
Member delegate for EU programs: Lambert Feher
Member delegate for the Chinese Microwave Society: Kama Huang