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Article 1
It is constituted between the definite physical or moral people to the article 5 who adhere to the present statutes, an association having for title: "Association of Microwave Power in Europe for Research and Education (AMPERE Europe)." The association is constituted under the French law of July 1st, 1901.


Article 2. Head office

The head office is fixed to 5 street Chante Coq, C/o UIE C/o CONSUEL, 6ème floor, 92800 Puteaux, France.


Article 3. Objectives

The association is without lucrative goal and has its mission:

• to promote the teaching of the microwaves and the radio frequency in Europe
• to try to establish standard programs of the microwaves and the radio frequency teaching
• to establish mechanisms of cooperation between the industry and the education and research institution
• to promote the continuing education
• to encourage the research and the development of common research programs
• to encourage the exchanges of teaching staffs, researchers, students (including of the industrial stages) - and engineers
• to give an opinion motivated on the dangers and the inherent risks to the use of the microwave and radio frequency energy
• the promotion of the technological transfer between institutions of research, academies and industry


Article 4. Activities

The association will pursue its objectives by a certain number of activities and particularly:

• it will establish and will maintain a list of its members
• it will establish a network of information exchange
• it will organize of the conferences and seminaries and will publish the proceeding
• it will collaborate with other international organizations


Articles 5. The membership

The members will consist of:
• the individuals of the industry and the university who are active in the domain of the microwaves and the radio frequency or that are interested by its development
• institutions, industrial enterprises, represented by a physical person,

These members must be accepted by the Management committee.

The membership will lost by resignation, by death or by decision of the Management committee in case of non payment of the contribution or for serious motive. The members can present explanations written to the Management committee.


Article 6. Contributions

The amounts of the contributions of the members, physical and moral people, are fixed by the Ordinary General Assembly on proposition of the Management committee.


Article 7. Ordinary General Assembly

An Ordinary General Assembly (OGA) will be held every two years. The OGA consists of all members of the association. The decision of OGA will be taken by an absolute majority vote of the present and represented members, including the votes by proxy. In case of equality of vote, the president's voice is decisive.

The agenda of the OGA will include the following points in particular:
• approval of the minutes of the previous meeting and the reports of the Management committee
• approval of the financial account
• choice of the amount of the contributions
• election of the members of the Management committee

Every two years the OGA will be held on the occasion of a scientific Conference in a place and to one date defined by the Management committee.

The General assembly is convened by the President.

An Extraordinary General Assembly can be convened by the Management committee.

The convocations to the General Assemblies or to the Extraordinary General Assemblies specifying the agenda of the meeting must be sent by mail at least three weeks before the date of meeting, to every member or other person authorized to attend to the aforesaid meeting.

The works of a General Assembly or an Extraordinary General Assembly are limited to the only points written down on the agenda.


Article 8. The Management committee

The Management committee is constituted for two years periods.

The members of the Management committee are reeligible.

The management committee elects among its members, with secret vote:

- a president,
- a general secretary,
- a treasurer.

In case of vacations, the Management committee provides temporarily to the replacement of its members. Their definitive replacement will take place at the next general assembly.

The President of the association presides the Management committee.

The decisions of the Management committee are adopted to the simple majority. In case of equality of vote, the president's voice is decisive.


Article 9. President

The President is responsible for the activities and the management of the association.

The President is the legal responsible person of the association in all circumstances.

The President is the official representative of the association in all events to which the association participates.

The President presides all meetings of the General assembly and the Management committee.

In case of momentary obstacle to attend an event in which the association participates, the President can be represented by a member of the Management committee.

In case of prolonged obstacle in the achievement of his/her functions of President of the association (or of impossibility to attend a meeting of the General assembly or the Management committee) the Management committee elects one of his/her members to assure the interim.

The President is elected by the Management committee for one period of two years. His/her mandate ends to the date of the assembly General holding two years after the election.

The President is reeligible.

The President exercises his functions without remuneration.


Article 10. Resources

Resources of the association understand:
• the amount of the contributions
• the subsidies
• the subscription to the biennial Conference and the sale of its publications
• the subscription to the seminaries and the sale of the proceedings
• the sale of its publications


Article 12. Interior Rule

In view of its good working the Management committee can establish an interior rule.


Article 13. Modification of the statutes

The statutes of the association can be modified only by submitting proposition three months in advance to the OGA. A simple majority of the present or represented members is required so that a modification is accepted.

Article 14. Dissolution

The dissolution of association can be pronounced only by an Extraordinary General Assembly (EGA) convened especially to this effect with a delay of two months. The motion of dissolution must be voted by a majority of the two third of the present or represented members.

In case of dissolution pronounced by at least the two third of the present or represented members at the Extraordinary General assembly, one or several liquidators are named by this one. If there are assets, these are devolved according to the article 9 of the law of July 1st, 1901 and to the decree of August 16, 1901.


Established in Karlsruhe (Germany), September 23 2008